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There are so many food options on the market for your dog; it can be overwhelming trying to choose which one is the best option. There is a lot of pressure when making this decision because the food that you choose for your dog can have a huge impact on its quality of life and how long it will live.

As a dog owner, you want your dog to have the longest and best life possible. Choosing the right dog food can help you with this. In my latest Dog post, I wrote some great tips for choosing the right dog food for your dog.

While food selection should be made individually for each dog; as a brand, my all-time favorite is Wysong.

In this Wysong review, I explain exactly why this is the case.


Wysong is a highly recommended dog food brand. Their fresh and whole ingredients have high levels of important micronutrients that can really help your dog have a longer and more energetic life. They have a complete line of products to provide your dog with any nutritional needs they may need. Wysong has no artificial additives and no non-natural ingredients. The ingredients seem of much better quality than the traditional commercial food that you can find within your grocery store aisle.

As for the taste, check out this doog food tase test below:


This brand is great for dogs of all sizes and ages. The kibble is small enough for even the smallest dog to be able to safely eat. If you have different breeds of dogs in your house of different sizes, this can be a great option for your house to feed all of your dogs the same food. Not only will you appreciate the nutritional value of this line of products, dogs love the flavors that are offered.

Because of the lack of additives, this is an especially great option if you have dogs that suffer from allergies to other foods. This is also great for those dogs that have sensitive stomachs, as well as an option for those dogs that suffer from diabetes. If you notice that your dog has problems with your current dog food, this could be a great option for you to switch to.


Pet owners will notice that their dog’s fur is shinier, and that their dog has more energy. This means that you are choosing the right food for your dog. Wysong has been a big name in dog food for years, offering a consistently quality and natural product. This natural aspect of this product is what makes it a great option for dogs of all life stages and health conditions, which can help families with multiple dogs feed everyone the same food. If you are looking for a natural and quality product for your pet, Wysong is the brand for you.

Summary: My all-time favorite grub.

Five paws out of five!



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