Top 5 fun things you can do for your dog


Last time I explained some things about my breed- Golden Retriever and why we are so awesome.

In today’s post, I want to talk about the top five fun things you can do for your dog!


I love to chase, the most fun I have chasing is at the beach chasing the shore birds through the shallow water. So far, I have never got close enough to even nip at a feather, but one day those birds are going to make a tasty treat. I think. I have never tasted bird. An alternative if you’re afraid your dog might catch a bird is the awesome iFetch I just started playing with.


Some dogs love to swim. I have seen dogs swimming with their owners at the lake and even in the swimming pool! I want to keep my feet firmly on the lake bottom. Once my owner threw a stick out into the water and I ran after it through the shallow water. All of a sudden my feet were paddling in the water and not touching the bottom. That was an exciting experience!

Hide and seek-

Hide and seek can be entertaining. My owner started by hiding a special treat under a sheet of newspaper and helping me find it. When I got good at finding that, they found harder hiding places. One day my owner brought a book home from the library. It was yellow and was about Dummy dogs or something. Imagine, Dummy dogs. I was insulted! She tried to teach me to open the fridge with a sock tied to the handle. Even though I knew there was a special treat in there for me, I didn’t like opening the fridge door. I liked learning to bring an empty pop can to her; I liked smashing it in my teeth and making noise with it. I think she was planning to train me to open the fridge and bring her a pop. Why would I learn that? I already have her trained to keep my bowl at least half full at all times. Haha

Real Training-

Once my owner stopped with the yellow Dummy Dog books and started teaching me basic obedience training with Dan, it helped me stay challenged and alert. I started feeling smarter from the Go! You know… dogs get pretty excited when they’re exposed to new stuff.


Squirrels always are exciting. I can stand under a tree and bark for hours if I see a squirrel. If the squirrel leaps to another tree I can run over and bark there. Sometimes I can run from tree to tree and bark and bark. And those sneaky squirrels have already left the yard. I don’t know what I would do with the squirrel but I sure want to catch one! Sometimes in the house people mention squirrels and I can have fun running from window to window barking and looking for squirrels.

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