Top 19 Dog Toys Your Pup Will Love

Most dogs are incredibly smart as well as curious and above all, playful.  With our busy lives sometimes it’s hard to find time to play with our beloved dogs, and there are certain dog breeds that are known to spell disaster for your home should they get bored or feel like they are not getting enough attention.  In order to keep our pups happy we can always offer them some toys that give them something to chew, and possibly something to comfort them when we are not around.  Not all dog toys are created equal and good toys for your dog may involve some thought on the type of dog that you have and what will make them the most happy.  Below are the 20 highly recommended dog toys; again consider the type of dog that you have prior to purchasing toys for them.

KONG Medium Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy

While some squeaky toys can be very annoying for any dog owner, the squeaky noise does simulate play time for your pooch.  This toy is offered in 10 different characters and has an extra layer of material to keep those sharp teeth from punching through.  This toy is definitely for supervised play and not made for a time where your pup can just sit down and chew.

Dog Squeaky Toy

KONG Air Dog Squeak air Birthday Balls

This toy comes in a pack of three and is made from a softer fabric material around the ball so it doesn’t wear your best friend’s teeth.  The rubber of the ball is formed around the squeaker making it difficult to get to, though not impossible.  Again, keep in mind that both tennis balls and the squeak air balls are made for supervised play.

Dog Squeak air Birthday Balls

KONG Classic

You may recognize the classic dog toy called the KONG.  This is normally an interactive toy that owners fill with KONG Treats or your favorite spray treats.  When thrown the KONG has an unpredictable bounce making it fun for the dogs to chase when there are no treats inside.  You may be able to leave this toy with your dog for a small amount of time to chew on depending on how powerful of a chewer the dog is.

KONG Classic

Benebone Bacon Flavored wishbone chew toy

The Benebone comes in a couple of different flavors and it is specifically for a supervised chew session, but what makes this bone so special is the fact that it is shaped like a wishbone.  With the wishbone shape it is easy for the dog to grip it with its front paws and it would make for a good tug-a-war toy.

Benebone Bacon Flavored wishbone chew toy

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

This toy is made entirely of rubber and floats in water.  Because they are made entirely of rubber they are very easy to clean while still be durable for a good game of fetch.  There is no need to worry about your dog eating or leaving pieces all over the house.

Chuckit Ultra Ball

IQ Treat Ball

If your dog gets easily bored then you may want to consider the IQ treat ball; just put treats in the center of the ball and adjust the difficulty of the challenge as you see fit and as your pet figures out the process of rolling the ball on the floor for the treats to spill out.  How often the treats spill out is the variable that you are adjusting

IQ Treat Ball

Hide A Squirrel Plush dog squeak toy by Outward Hound

The toy comes in three different sizes with small squeaky squirrels that hide in what looks like a tree stump, and the dog needs to dig them out of the stump.

Hide A Squirrel Plush dog squeak toy

Duckworth the Yellow Duck dog toy

Duckworth is a plush dog toy with a squeaker that is wonderful for tug-of-war or some fetch.  Because of all the plush filling and the squeaker your dog should not be left alone to play with this toy.

Duckworth the Yellow Duck dog toy

Nylabone Dura Chew

Made with extremely touch nylon, the dura chew has the ability to stand up again the biggest power chewer.  In the process of being chewed it will naturally raise bristles that will help with the dog’s teeth and control plaque.  The dura chew allows dogs to chew in a satisfying way without seeking random items around your home.

Nylabone Dura Chew

KONG Pet Stix dog toy

This is a stuffed toy made from nylon and poly-fill.  It is a good fetching toy, but do not let your dog keep this toy alone for it is easy to puncture with teeth.

KONG Pet Stix dog toy

KONG Rubber Flyer

As the name implies this Frisbee is made of rubber so it won’t cut your dog’s mouth.  The flyer toy is made specifically with playing fetch in mind and with a small amount of tug-a-war, however a dog should not be left alone with this toy.  If the dog is a power chewer that enjoys ripping things up check out the page dog toys for aggressive chewers.

KONG Rubber Flyer

Chuckit! Launcher

For all of those times you are playing fetch with your pup and end up getting a slobbery hand the launcher fixes this problem.  With the launcher you are able to throw the ball at least three times as far.  The launcher works with the Chuckit! Medium sized balls.

Flossy Chews Knot Rope

Made from Cotton blend fibers this rope toy would provide hours of tug-a-war fun with your dog; however it is an item that should not be left alone with chewer as they have the potential of chewing and swallowing pieces of the rope.

Flossy Chews Knot Rope

Chuckit! Kick fetch toy ball

This toy it the same size as a standard kick ball with large grooves for you dog to pick up and fetch.  The ball is puncture resistant and made from high bounce materials.  This keeps your hands from being slobbery and is perfect for those dogs that have trouble giving back the ball after a toss.

Chuckit Kick fetch toy ball

KONG Traxx dog toy

This toy is listed as being “extremely durable” and is able to have treats in the middle of the tire shape.  It is for dogs that are 30-65 pounds.

KONG Traxx dog toy

Loofa dog plush dog toy

This dog toy was made famous by a pet store commercial, however keep in mind if you have destructive power chewer at home you may end up with plush stuffing all over your home.  It does squeak and dogs do have the potential of swallowing the plastic squeaker plug, so this is toy should not be given unless supervised.  It would make a great tug-a-war toy with a medium sized dog.

Cool Teething stick

This toy is specifically for puppies who are teething.  Sometimes cool objects feel good against their sore gums but straight ice cubes can be a little sharp at times.  This toy goes into the freezer and once frozen your puppy can chew until it needs to be frozen again.  For best results wet the toy prior to placing it in the freezer.

Cool Teething stick

SmartBones Dog chews

These dog chews are chews that dogs can actually swallow.  They are made from all natural ingredients and are rawhide free.  Rawhide can be hard on a dog’s digestive track so finding alternative to rawhide will make your pet’s tummy happier.  Buy the right size of SmartBones for your dog otherwise it may become a choking hazard.

SmartBones Dog chews

KONG Wubba dog toy

This is another interactive, supervised play toy, that is great for fetching.  With various shapes and areas to grab ahold of, your dog may play for hours.  Because of the toy’s shape it will bounce in unpredictable directions making it entertaining for your dog.  The toy comes in different sizes, so find a size that best fits your dog’s needs.

KONG Wubba dog toy

Online Pet Stores Extravaganza

The rapid development of online shopping has seen the web flare up with websites that provide everything you need with a click of a mouse, and dog products are no exception. For pet lovers out there, dogs are a part of the family today. With online pet stores you can find everything you need for your dog without physically going out to actually get what they need. So free up your time, we have listed some cool online pet stores for you. The stores are divided to categories, so you can just easily scroll down to whatever most interests you.


Dog Collars and apparel

dog collars boutique

For anyone looking to pamper their animals with some high end dog collars, this site is amazing. Our favorite item here was the Halloween dog collars that they have on sale and are currently a new item. It’s a great new, fun, and festive way to enjoy the holidays with your pets.

Yellow Dog Design – Halloween Dog Collar – 13 designs

Hot Dog Collars

HotDogCollars offers a range of products from collars to harnesses, dog beds and more. For those who are just signing up, they have a promotional offer of $15 off their first purchase with no minimum purchase requirements.

Check out the car seat for dogs that they offer. This allows dogs to ride in the car with owners without risking their safety. The seat straps in with a seatbelt and allows your dog to sit with all around soft protection.

The Lookout Pet Car Seat – $64.95
Retail Price: $89.99
You Save: $25.04


Muttropolis has a great selection of collars and other merchandise for those dog lovers out there. There prices are fair and they offer quality products that can be viewed in their inventory.

Coupon: Get 10% off a collar and leash set at

Rogue royalty has a great selection of collars and harnesses. We absolutely love the look and durability of the products they have to offer, and all for good value.

Check out their extra strength dog harnesses. For those who have bigger dogs and are worried about taking them out or restraining them when others are around, I was impresses with the black leather extra thick harness.



Dog Gear

This online pet store has a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you’re looking to buy a collar, harnesses, or other animal gear this is the place for you. They have great specials and sales constantly going.


ID tags


Fully customizable dog tags which allows you to engrave your dog’s name and contact number amongst with a lot of other options. Upon signing up they even offer an awesome ten percent off your first order just for letting them send you a newsletter in your email inbox. While it’s not unusual to see dog tags to help identify your dog as well as contact information should they go missing, they offer a very unique service.

Coupon: 10% off at dogIDs

This site is pretty genius when it comes to finding a new way to identify your pet and provide all their personal information- Your dog’s very own driver’s license!

You can simply custom order a license and strap it to your dog!

my pet dmv

Pet Supplies


With great prices and organic pet food, pet owners will agree Wysong are the way to go.

Check out are Wysong review here.

Much like a few other sites out there, this one has a bit of everything no matter what type of pet owner you are. They constantly have sales going on so it’s a matter of stopping by to find something that fits your taste.


The have a cool doggy fountain for this one which breaks outside the usual doggy bowl decorations you see, and allows you to spoil your dog a bit in the process.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain – $59.95

This site seems to focus more on items specific to certain animals based on their needs. We think it’s a great place to shop if you’re looking to find something new and natural to please your pet.


Kurgo is an amazing site as it stands to let animals be what they are naturally. With that in mind they’ve come up with a line of products to protect your vehicle from animals that have gotten dirty or wet while traveling and playing with their owner, and many other cool outdoor products for dogs.


Entirely pets specialize in animal care and grooming products for your pet. From heart worm medication to grooming essentials they have it all covered. Their prices are great and they definitely look out for your pet’s health.

Animal health


Just as the name implies, this site is for purchasing medicine to keep your animal free of things that could harm them such as heartworms, fleas and ticks among other health conditions. They offer various packages to help meet your pet’s medical needs.

It’s really important to make sure you’re dog or cat get these types of medicine to remain healthy and happy. They offer a great package rate so if you have more than one animal they can be treated as well.

For those who worry about their pet’s future or what to do in case of an emergency, embrace pets insurance is a great place to turn to. They sell a great variety of pet insurance plans to help you take care for your pet in case of emergency. Vet bills aren’t cheap and some vets will even refuse to assist you with medical assistance if you can’t pay something up front. For this reasons it’s important to have insurance so you can get your pet the care they deserve with pet insurance.



DOGTV Review

Who would have thought I would write a DOGTV review? Funny life. It’s a DOG TV! – An actual TV channel for dogs.

Before we get to the DOGTV itself, we first need to address the question-

Do dogs really watch DOGTV?

Some dog owners swear that their dog watches TV. Others think that a TV channel for dogs is a terrible idea.

Well, it appears that there are a number of variables to this. So if you discover after reading this DOGTV Review that the product is of interest to you, the best thing you can do is to try it out with your dog and see if it works for him (or her) – decide by your dog’s actual reaction.

What is DOGTV?

DOGTV is TV’s first network for dogs, which provides television for dogs as a 24/7 digital TV channel with the purpose of offering your dog some quality time while you’re away. The content in the channel was scientifically developed to provide special positive programming for your dog through significant research from top pet experts. The content in DOGTV was designed specifically for the sense of vision and hearing of dogs in support of a dog’s natural inclinations. For example: dogs are very sensitive to motion, so a lot of the content features running dogs and animals.

DOGTV is currently available on PC, Mac, IOS, Android, Roku, and Samsung or LG Smart TV.

“A television can provide all important mental stimulation for dogs and help prevent boredom behavior” – PIAS (The Petcare and Information Advisory Service)

DOGTV Components

DOGTV has three main components: relaxation, stimulation, and exposure.

  1. Relaxation

Meant to keep your dog calm and features beautiful visuals and landscapes with classical music in the background.

  1. Stimulation

Helps encourage dog’s playfulness and combines animations and moving objects.

  1. Exposure

Meant to slowly expose dogs to everyday sounds and visuals that might scare them so they get used to them.

DOGTV screens the right balance of the three for a dog’s daily routines.

The result: DOGTV should help your dog be calmer, ease separation anxiety, and help other behavioral problems. Income from DOGTV helps support The HSUS’s Pets for Life program.

DOGTV as a solution for pet loneliness

The reality is that a lot of dogs stay at home while their owner is away. So is a dog TV a good solution?

The answer is- it depends. If your dog actually likes to watch DOGTV it is quite awesome. Obviously if not it won’t be of much help.

As a dog owner you shouldn’t mistake TV time for quality time and this isn’t a substitute of play time with your dog.

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Summary: It’s a DOG TV! – An actual TV channel for dogs!!!

Five paws out of five!


Order a DOGTV package

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iFetch Review: it’s a ball throwing machine!

iFetch is the latest human-less toy specially designed for pets and in this iFetch review, we will talk about everything you need to know about it.

The iFetch provides your dog his own playing hours

Us Dogs always love to play; most of the time we stay busy with children and other members of the family but sometimes we need our own space with personal toys. The iFetch allows your dog to enjoy his own playing hours. This toy shoots out small tennis like balls in the surroundings, that your dog will love to fetch again and again. Your dog can bring the balls back, put them inside the toy and the shoot goes on with huge entertainment.

Check out the Video of me playing :


This interactive and entertaining ball launcher works with kick-start function and initiates nonstop shooting balls to add more fun for the dog as well as the owner. This device works with batteries or by plugging into a socket; it’s capable of shooting small tennis balls up to 10 to 30 feet range. There are three setting levels for distance that you can adjust manually as per you available space. The iFetch is very easy to operate and your dog can learn to play with it quite fast.


The most amazing thing about this toy is that it works automatically whenever your dog puts the ball inside. Your pet will put the ball inside the toy and it will be shoot out from opposite side. For small dogs you can set your iFetch to minimum distance and for bigger ones like me keep its range to maximum.

All dog breeds need some training to use the iFetch, but once your dog understands it, you can sit by his side and enjoy looking at your dog amusing himself. It will create happy moments in your house during free hours and you will love to see the craziness of your dog while fetching and running after the ball to get another shot. You can check out some training tips for the iFetch Here.

This is one of my all-time favs!

Summary: Finally! The fun never stops

Five paws out of five!



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