Online Pet Stores Extravaganza

The rapid development of online shopping has seen the web flare up with websites that provide everything you need with a click of a mouse, and dog products are no exception. For pet lovers out there, dogs are a part of the family today. With online pet stores you can find everything you need for your dog without physically going out to actually get what they need. So free up your time, we have listed some cool online pet stores for you. The stores are divided to categories, so you can just easily scroll down to whatever most interests you.


Dog Collars and apparel

dog collars boutique

For anyone looking to pamper their animals with some high end dog collars, this site is amazing. Our favorite item here was the Halloween dog collars that they have on sale and are currently a new item. It’s a great new, fun, and festive way to enjoy the holidays with your pets.

Yellow Dog Design – Halloween Dog Collar – 13 designs

Hot Dog Collars

HotDogCollars offers a range of products from collars to harnesses, dog beds and more. For those who are just signing up, they have a promotional offer of $15 off their first purchase with no minimum purchase requirements.

Check out the car seat for dogs that they offer. This allows dogs to ride in the car with owners without risking their safety. The seat straps in with a seatbelt and allows your dog to sit with all around soft protection.

The Lookout Pet Car Seat – $64.95
Retail Price: $89.99
You Save: $25.04


Muttropolis has a great selection of collars and other merchandise for those dog lovers out there. There prices are fair and they offer quality products that can be viewed in their inventory.

Coupon: Get 10% off a collar and leash set at

Rogue royalty has a great selection of collars and harnesses. We absolutely love the look and durability of the products they have to offer, and all for good value.

Check out their extra strength dog harnesses. For those who have bigger dogs and are worried about taking them out or restraining them when others are around, I was impresses with the black leather extra thick harness.



Dog Gear

This online pet store has a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you’re looking to buy a collar, harnesses, or other animal gear this is the place for you. They have great specials and sales constantly going.


ID tags


Fully customizable dog tags which allows you to engrave your dog’s name and contact number amongst with a lot of other options. Upon signing up they even offer an awesome ten percent off your first order just for letting them send you a newsletter in your email inbox. While it’s not unusual to see dog tags to help identify your dog as well as contact information should they go missing, they offer a very unique service.

Coupon: 10% off at dogIDs

This site is pretty genius when it comes to finding a new way to identify your pet and provide all their personal information- Your dog’s very own driver’s license!

You can simply custom order a license and strap it to your dog!

my pet dmv

Pet Supplies


With great prices and organic pet food, pet owners will agree Wysong are the way to go.

Check out are Wysong review here.

Much like a few other sites out there, this one has a bit of everything no matter what type of pet owner you are. They constantly have sales going on so it’s a matter of stopping by to find something that fits your taste.


The have a cool doggy fountain for this one which breaks outside the usual doggy bowl decorations you see, and allows you to spoil your dog a bit in the process.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain – $59.95

This site seems to focus more on items specific to certain animals based on their needs. We think it’s a great place to shop if you’re looking to find something new and natural to please your pet.


Kurgo is an amazing site as it stands to let animals be what they are naturally. With that in mind they’ve come up with a line of products to protect your vehicle from animals that have gotten dirty or wet while traveling and playing with their owner, and many other cool outdoor products for dogs.


Entirely pets specialize in animal care and grooming products for your pet. From heart worm medication to grooming essentials they have it all covered. Their prices are great and they definitely look out for your pet’s health.

Animal health


Just as the name implies, this site is for purchasing medicine to keep your animal free of things that could harm them such as heartworms, fleas and ticks among other health conditions. They offer various packages to help meet your pet’s medical needs.

It’s really important to make sure you’re dog or cat get these types of medicine to remain healthy and happy. They offer a great package rate so if you have more than one animal they can be treated as well.

For those who worry about their pet’s future or what to do in case of an emergency, embrace pets insurance is a great place to turn to. They sell a great variety of pet insurance plans to help you take care for your pet in case of emergency. Vet bills aren’t cheap and some vets will even refuse to assist you with medical assistance if you can’t pay something up front. For this reasons it’s important to have insurance so you can get your pet the care they deserve with pet insurance.



Best Dog Food by Dog Types- Detailed Guide

Hi. Last time I wrote a complete guide describing How to train your dog. This week, I’ll deal with another topic- Best Dog Food by Dog Types.

Although there are a few kinds of dog foods that can be fed to all dog breeds, for healthy growth and development, most dog types have diets more suited for them. These specific dog foods are largely dependent on the characteristics of each dog type. In other words, you need to consider the natural behavioral and physiological features of your dog types if you want to get the most suitable dog food for them. Apart from their features, you also need to consider the purpose for which you want the dog. In this overview I touch on some recommended dog food according to specific dog types. Please note that most of the recommended products here are Wysong’s– that’s the brand that worked for me and the one I endorse, but we do provide other recommendations as well, so make your own judgment and adjustments as needed.

Please remember- always consult your vet what food and diet is appropriate for your dog.

You can easily scroll down the dog types for your specific dog breed in the links below. If your dog breed is not in this list, I provided some general recommendations in the end:

Best Dog Foods for Labradors
Dog Food for Bulldogs
Dog Food for Boxers
Dog Food for Pitbulls
Dog Food for Rottweilers
Dog Food for Golden Retrievers
Dog Food for German shepherds
Dog Food for a Large Breed Puppy
Dog Food for Small Dogs
Best Dog Food for Older Dogs
Best Dog Food For Skin Allergies – Hypoallergenic Dog Foods and dogs with allergies
High fiber dog food
Best Food for Dogs with a Sensitive Stomach


Best Dog Food for Labradors

This dog type has a great water resistant coat and is also a great retriever. Labradors are relatively more intelligent than other breeds and they are known to obey instructions to the letter. This is why this is one of the dog types preferred by the police and the armed forces. Naturally, they enjoy regular long walks with the company of their owner. Labradors are relatively more active than most other dog types so they need more of energy from protein- lamb, chicken and fish. For your Labrador, my recommended dog foods are Wysong’s Archetype (Chicken Variant), Wysong’s Archetype Burgers and Wysong’s fundamentals.

 Wysong’s Archetype Burgers    Wysong’s Archetype

Best Dog Food for Bulldogs

This dog type is usually muscular in nature. Bulldogs like being cuddled all the time and that is why they are referred to as lapdogs. You need to pay more attention to their food as they are very vulnerable to a few health issues. Bulldogs are known to have a very sensitive digestive system. Apart from that, they are also susceptible to allergies, hip dysplasia and flatulence. You need to take note of every food you give your bulldog so that if it develops any allergy, you will be able to easily pinpoint the particular food the dog is reacting to. You also need to take note of the quantities as he may be reacting to the quantity, not to the food itself. This dog type needs less protein because he is not as active as other dog types. Due to their sensitive digestive system, Wysong’s Anergen is recommended for them, but note that due to sensitivity of the digestive system, they should not be fed with ingredients like wheat, corn, soy, added colors, sweeteners and artificial flavors as they are known to trigger allergies. This is not to say that all these ingredients will give your bulldog problems. The point is you have to avoid all of them until you are able to discover all what triggers your dog’s allergies and what doesn’t.

Wysong’s Anergen

Best Dog Food for Boxers

This dog type is known to be very athletic and active naturally. Boxers usually need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Due to its restless nature, this dog type requires a highly nutritious diet to maintain its level of energy. Boxers are known to be very friendly and very energetic. For this dog type, a daily exercise is a must to remain healthy. Boxers can be very restless and that makes them a little difficult to handle. Boxers need all the basic nutritional ingredients in their food to be able to maintain their high energy level. Apart from that, they also require diets with very high protein ingredients. You also have to ensure they get all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for healthy and rapid growth. Of all the essential minerals, calcium seems to be the most important as it enhances strong bones and healthy joints. Due to their high energy level, this dog type also requires taurine and L-carnitine for a healthy heart.

Recommended: Wysong’s Synorgon, Wysong’s Fundamentals, Wysong’s Growth, Natural Balance Limited ingredients, Buffalo Blue wilderness, Orijen Grain-free and Wysong’s Senior.
If your boxer is a puppy, you might want to go for Orijen Puppy and Wellness Core Grain-free.

Boxers are quite susceptible to allergies from protein. So be very careful with the kind of protein you give your boxer. Due to these allergies, it is advisable that whenever you are able to get the right dog food, just stick to it.

Wysong’s Synorgon   Wysong’s Growth    Natural Balance Limited ingredients    Buffalo Blue wilderness

Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

This dog type is agile, muscular and very strong. The biggest problem with Pitbulls is their aggression. Pitbulls are generally aggressive in nature and that is why it is better to own this dog type from the time he is a puppy. When you buy an adult Pitbull it would take time and effort for the dog to see you as a friend. As strong as Pitbulls are, their digestive system is very sensitive so don’t just make them eat anything. Despite being prone to allergies, Pitbulls have a huge appetite so you will need to minimize how often your dog eats to avoid obesity and health problems as the dog gets older.

Despite being known for aggression, Pitbulls can be affectionate and very playful. Generally, most dog types are energetic except when they get old. Pitbulls are one of the most energetic dog type. So they are always ready for a long walk. An adult Pitbull requires about 1400 calories every single day and a lot of protein. Pitbull puppies require about 22 percent protein while an adult Pitbull needs about 18 percent protein. Since this dog type is an energetic one, it requires a lot of fat as a major source of energy so you need to consider dog food with a lot of protein and fat. Puppies require about 8 percent of fat while adult Pitbulls require about 5 percent in their diet.

This dog type can be fed with any variant of Wysong’s Archetype, Wysong’s Archetype Burgers and Wysong’s fundamentals Due to its allergies, Wysong’s Anergen, Purina pro plan sensitive skin & stomach and Eukanuba sensitive skin are also recommended for your Pitbull. Other suitable dog foods are Acana & Bartlett pear, Taste of the wild wetlands and Orijen adult.

Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach    Acana & Bartlett pear    Taste of the wild wetlands

Best Dog Food for Rottweilers

This dog type is known for its quick and easy adaptability to different environment, and is also quite easy to train as he obeys instructions well. Rottweilers are generally friendly and they also need regular exercise like most other dog types. Rottweilers are generally fearless, they have natural instincts to protect their territory and they can be ferocious towards intruders. This is the major reason they are commonly used as guard dogs. For Rotties, there is a very thin line between being protective and being aggressive and this is why it is a must to train your dog. It can be dangerous when your Rottweiler lacks control. Power without control is very dangerous, so any dog type with the kind of courage, strength and intelligence like Rottweilers without control portends great danger.

To maintain its high level of strength, Rottweilers need a lot of protein and fat in their diet. You can feed your Rottie with any of the following dog foods: Any variant of Taste of the wild, Wellness Super5Mix Complete Health, any of Wysong’s archetype, archetype burgers, dream treats and uncanny.

Wellness Super5Mix Complete Health    Dream Treats   Wysong Uncanny Variety Pack

Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers

This dog type has been known to be lively, loyal and full of love. They can be restless so they are always busy. They are always full of energy and a daily long walk is a must for this dog type. It is an established fact that any dog that is full of energy needs to eat well to be able to maintain his energy level. Retrievers are also known to have allergies and a few other health issues that may become more prominent as they grow older. Due to their allergies, getting the right dog food for them may be a bit difficult. But when you eventually get suitable dog food for them, you need to stick with it.
The following dog foods are suitable for Goldens: Blue Buffalo wilderness, Nature’s variety instinct raw boost, Dr. Tim’s Grain-free formula, Purina Pro plan for sensitive skin & stomach, Wysong’s Archetype, Wysong’s Uncanny, Wysong’s Synorgon and Wysong’s Anergen.

Nature’s variety instinct raw boost

Best Dog Food for German shepherds

This dog type is known to be fiercely devoted to his owners. German shepherds have naturally muscular bodies that become prominent as they grow older. They need highly nutritional dog food in the right quantity to be able to maintain their muscular body and their health generally. On the average, German Shepherds weigh about 75 pounds and what contribute mostly to their general body weight are their bones and muscles. This dog type is strong, intelligent, athletic and overly active.
While a typical adult German shepherd requires an average of about 1900 daily calories, much older and less active ones require a little less. This statistics was given by the National Research Council of the National Academies of Sciences. You must ensure you give your German shepherd a daily long walk or other forms of rigorous exercise not only because he likes it, but also because it is necessary to maintain his health.
All athletic dog types require highly nutritional dog food at the right time and quantity. To maintain their energy, they need food with high fat content. And they also require a lot of protein for healthy growth and development of their muscle. According to Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), a puppy German shepherd requires at least 22 percent of protein in his food for rapid and healthy growths, while the adult requires just 18 percent for general health maintenance. To maintain their relatively high energy level, puppies require 8 percent fat in their diet while adults need just 5 percent. Since German Shepherds are known for their rapid growth, it is advisable to switch from puppy diet to adult’s dog food after about 6 to 7 months. This is important as feeding an adult German shepherd with a puppy formula will make him prone to joint and bone issues.
The following dog foods are suitable for your German Shepherd: All variants of Wysong’s Epigen Canned Diets (Epigen Canned beef, Epigen Canned chicken, Epigen Canned duck, Epigen Canned rabbit, Epigen Canned salmon and Epigen Canned turkey), and some other ones like Wysong’s Growth, Wysong’s Fundamental, Wysong’s Synorgon, Wysong’s Archetype Burgers, Royal Canin Breed Specific and Nutro Natural Choice for large breed adult.

Wysong’s Epigen Canned Diets       Royal Canin German Shepherd     Nutro Natural Choice for large breed adult

Best Dog Food for Large Breed Puppy

This general dog type requires dog food with meat based protein and fewer carbohydrates. They also need diets with low calcium. Furthermore, vitamins and minerals are highly essential for large breed puppies. Large Breeds are prone to health issues when they begin to grow old. They are prone to hip dysplasia, arthritis and even cancer. You can help them to prevent some of this health issues by putting them on a foundation of sound nutritional diet in their early days.
For the healthy growth consider the following dog foods from known brands: Orijen large breed puppy food and Blue Buffalo Wilderness puppy food.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness puppy food

Best Dog Food for Small Dogs

Small dogs can be fed with any variant of Wysong’s Archetype, Wysong’s Archetype Burgers and Wysong’s fundamentals. Other suitable dog foods are Acana & Bartlett pear, Taste of the wild wetlands and Orijen adult. Your dog does not have to be fed with all the dog foods listed above. Just stick to what he is comfortable with.

Best Dog Food for Older Dogs

Since older dogs are less active, less agile and less energetic, they do less exercise so they need fewer calories, fat and protein. On the other hand, they need a whole lot of vitamins and minerals as they are highly susceptible to a lot of health issues at this stage of their lives. Apart from that, old dogs have more allergies than young ones. These are the main issues you need to consider before you choose the right diet for an older dog. Wysong’s Synorgon will be just perfect for your old dog. Other suitable dog foods are Wysong’s Vegan, Wysong’s Nurture with Quail and last but not the least, Wysong’s Anergen to avoid allergies.

Wysong’s Vegan     nurture-with-quail

Best Dog Food For Skin Allergies- Hypoallergenic Dog Foods for dogs with allergies

Wysong’s Anergen is very suitable food for dogs with allergies. Another good dog formula is Purina Pro plan for sensitive skin and Stomach. These great dog foods will provide needed protein, fat, essential minerals and vitamins while preventing all forms of allergies at the same time.

High fiber dog food

There are two kinds of fibers in dog foods: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Whether soluble or insoluble, both kinds of fibers are highly important in a dog’s diet. According to the National Research Council of the National Academies of Sciences, the main benefits of fibers are:

• Fibers promote rapid and healthy weight loss in both dogs and humans.

• Fibers reduce the chances of the emergence of colon cancer in both dogs and humans.

• Fibers prevent diarrhea.

• Fibers prevent constipations.

These are the reasons you must ensure your dog’s diets include a reasonable percentage of fiber. Fiber does not come from any kind of meat. Rather, fibers come from either vegetables or grains. The best and most nutritional fiber dog foods are Wysong’s biscuits, Wellness Core reduced fat formula and Purina Canine calorie control fiber.

BiscuitsWellness Core reduced fat formula

Best Food for Dogs with a Sensitive Stomach

In summary, the best three formulas for dogs with a Sensitive Stomach are Wysong’s Anergen, Biljac Sensitive Solutions and Purina Pro Plan for sensitive skin and stomach.

As always I hope this was useful.
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Wysong Review: Dog Food

There are so many food options on the market for your dog; it can be overwhelming trying to choose which one is the best option. There is a lot of pressure when making this decision because the food that you choose for your dog can have a huge impact on its quality of life and how long it will live.

As a dog owner, you want your dog to have the longest and best life possible. Choosing the right dog food can help you with this. In my latest Dog post, I wrote some great tips for choosing the right dog food for your dog.

While food selection should be made individually for each dog; as a brand, my all-time favorite is Wysong.

In this Wysong review, I explain exactly why this is the case.


Wysong is a highly recommended dog food brand. Their fresh and whole ingredients have high levels of important micronutrients that can really help your dog have a longer and more energetic life. They have a complete line of products to provide your dog with any nutritional needs they may need. Wysong has no artificial additives and no non-natural ingredients. The ingredients seem of much better quality than the traditional commercial food that you can find within your grocery store aisle.

As for the taste, check out this doog food tase test below:


This brand is great for dogs of all sizes and ages. The kibble is small enough for even the smallest dog to be able to safely eat. If you have different breeds of dogs in your house of different sizes, this can be a great option for your house to feed all of your dogs the same food. Not only will you appreciate the nutritional value of this line of products, dogs love the flavors that are offered.

Because of the lack of additives, this is an especially great option if you have dogs that suffer from allergies to other foods. This is also great for those dogs that have sensitive stomachs, as well as an option for those dogs that suffer from diabetes. If you notice that your dog has problems with your current dog food, this could be a great option for you to switch to.


Pet owners will notice that their dog’s fur is shinier, and that their dog has more energy. This means that you are choosing the right food for your dog. Wysong has been a big name in dog food for years, offering a consistently quality and natural product. This natural aspect of this product is what makes it a great option for dogs of all life stages and health conditions, which can help families with multiple dogs feed everyone the same food. If you are looking for a natural and quality product for your pet, Wysong is the brand for you.

Summary: My all-time favorite grub.

Five paws out of five!



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