The Must-Have Dog Apps


Being a dog owner and a smart-phone owner is a potent combination! With the popularity of smartphones only increasing, the number applications that are being created have also increased exponentially. There are now apps for almost every imaginable category that you can think of. How can dog apps be far behind when dogs are the official best friend of man? You won’t be surprised to know that there are thousands of apps which make it even easier and enjoyable to nurture your pet dog. Whether you have a bull mastiff or a Chihuahua, you can rest assured that there are tips and suggestions on everything dog. So… Here is a list of the ten best apps.

American Red Cross’s Pet First Aid app

Whether you want to treat your pet’s wound yourself or you want to locate a clinic nearby for dire emergencies, this is the app for you. It costs just under $1 and is worth it for all the info you can get to keep your pet healthy, happy, and comfortable.



Dog Whistler

This app makes it that much more easy to train your dog with whistles that can be modified by pitch and frequency.


Spending on my dog

This app helps you keep track of all dog-related expenses.


Puppy Coach

Gives you the 101 on puppy training! Even if you are a complete newbie to dogs, this app will get you up and running like a pro!



Helps you to track distance, speed, time, and even elevation on your joint walks, so it doubles up as a fitness app for you as well.


Pet Coach

This app puts you in touch with pet professionals for an instant diagnosis or advice for your dog’s problem, whatever it may be. Just upload a photo to a vet/trainer, etc., and wait for his input.



Now you no longer have to go on a holiday without your best friend! Find out the best pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, beaches, parks, etc., with this app that even lets you book hotels directly from it!



Find certified dog walkers and pay them through this app.



Helps you trace your dog with the help of the gadget, so you never have to worry about your dog going missing again!

Dog Vacay

You may not always be able to take your dog on a vacation. Find a good place for him to stay on short notice with this app.


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