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The Kenko PetPad provides your pet with the breathable warmth of ceramicreflective fibers. Combined with Advanced Magnetic Technology and specially placed magnets, it’s the ultimate in sleep and comfort technology for your pet.

One of the best gifts that my owners got for me was the Kenko PetPad by Nikken; I love it and use it about five times per day.

This mat provides the perfect comfort, and in this Kenko PetPad review I hope to explain exactly how.

The Kenko PetPad design

This comfortable pad is designed with far infrared technology that creates perfect breathable warmness of ceramicreflective fibers. Its soft stuff is really very impressive and the soft cloth is really top notch.


These pat pads are made up with high class far infrared technology that can soak up energy from all natural sources such as sunlight, ambient temperature as well as the body, which is reflected back in terms of signals that create gentle warmness. This designing technique has self-limiting property so the Kenko PetPad creates a really pleasant temperature.

Replicating the natural magnetic field

Nikken Kenko PetPad consists of magnets that are capable of replicating the natural magnetic field of the earth; studies show that all animals love to live with this natural magnetic field that is sometimes interrupted in the modern world.

You can learn more about this magnetic benefit in the video below:



The Kenko PetPad possesses a durable and strong base that is created to reduce slipping and it works perfectly. I’ve been using it for a long time and it still looks brand new. My owner washes it, and we were both surprised by the durability, comfort and softness that never faded. Kenko PetPad can be easily washed using a washing machine as well.

Summary: It’s like floating on a warm fuzzy cloud!

Five paws out of five!


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