Golden Retriever Training- Tips for Effective Training


Golden Retrievers are the cutest dogs you could ever own. They are the ultimate family pets because of their friendly and easygoing attitude. For a Golden Retriever, obedience training is VERY important because Goldens tend to get excited easily.

Golden Retrievers respond well to obedience training and it helps develop a Golden Retriever’s mental abilities as well as make him (or her) a joy to be around. It is an absolute must if you want your Golden Retriever to become a member of the family. However, if untrained, Golden Retrievers will find ways to entertain themselves, like barking, chewing, pulling, and digging- leaving you with one question in mind:

How do I train my Golden Retriever?

First thing to have in mind when it comes to training your Golden Retriever is that no matter how you look at it, dog training is time consuming. But you can be absolutely certain that training your Golden Retriever is the best thing you can do for the relationship between you and your dog. A well behaved Golden Retriever is a joy to be around. They spread so much love and joy, and let’s face it- it’s nice to focus on those things that a good training can provide. There are many was to approach the task of training your Golden Retriever. I wrote a complete guide about dog training that you can check out here. In this post I’ll elaborate on some key aspects of the training itself.

Relationship is the key to Golden Retriever training

The relationship between you and your dog needs to be based on trust and love. The first and most important step in that direction is being in control of what your dog wants and using this to train him or her. When you learn to be a dog owner, you know how to behave correctly with your dog and reinforce good behavior, while avoiding accidently reinforcing bad behavior. Doing this consistently will, in time, build the foundations of trust, and will create a great connection between you and your dog. Most dog trainers think that aggression is not effective in the long haul for dog training, and there really is no need for it. Furthermore, a dog scared of his owner, may not obey at all. You need to create a solid foundation of trust with your dog, and that’s the reason I always recommend you invest in some obedience training. Owners that go through obedience training with their dog get more pleasure and have a better connection with their pet. You can train your dog in a lot of ways. My recommended online resource is this. Keep in mind that the time spent training your dog is well worth it in the end. You get to rip the fruits of a great relationship with your dog.

Training as Play

Golden Retrievers need at least 40-60 minutes of exercise per day. They are easy to train, and therefore provide excellent therapy and assistance dogs. One thing is for sure- you do not want a bored Golden Retriever puppy. Golden retrievers have a lot of energy, and get overly excited easily, so use training as an engaging experience. Incorporate long walks, chewing toys (Golden Retriever puppies are aggressive chewers), and cool toys if possible.

Training Golden Retrievers NOT to pull and be aggressive

Golden Retrievers are generally friendly and have an easygoing attitude. That’s why they are the third most popular dog breed in the US. This easygoing attitude means that Golden Retrievers are not an aggressive dog breed. On the contrary, an aggressive Golden Retriever is very rare. In order to encourage your Golden Retriever’s positive natural tendencies, make sure you never yell or get angry with your puppy. Instead, learn to control the way you reward his good behavior and avoid rewarding bad ones. I can’t stress this enough. Being the “pack leader” is very important when it comes to training your dog, but note that this does not mean being an aggressive jerk, but rather firm and smart in the way you praise and reward.

Learn how to do this the correct way.

Furthermore, if possible make sure you get your dog socialized correctly from the moment he or she is a puppy. It’s important for your puppy to interact with other dogs so he can learn to be calm.

Doing this steps will make it easier for you to teach your dog general good behavior, like not to pull on the leash.

Step by Step Obedience Training

Start learning how to train your Golden Retriever puppy even before you bring your puppy home for the first time. My recommended dog training program has step by step guides teaching you how to train your puppy from the first car ride home, from eight weeks of age until he is one year old. You get to see a professional dog trainer with his own puppy and you can just do the same with your puppy. If you have the budget, you can also sign up for a local obedience class. Learn how to do that in this guide.

Golden Retriever Training

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