Golden heart


I’m a golden retriever and once you get to know my breed, you won’t be surprised I am considered one of the most famous dog breeds in the world today.

As a golden retriever, I am quite an easy dog to keep and maintain around home. I am very calm, affectionate and easy to teach. I work well with children as well as elderly, and happy to let everyone know how much I love them.


For first time dog owners, you can learn a lot from Golden Retrievers. First, you can learn what it really takes to be a dog owner. You can also learn the things you need to do in order to keep a dog happy. For instance, you may provide me enough amount of water and foods, lots of walks, and good chewing toys. I also love hugs and petting. Golden Retrievers are a very strong breed of dogs, hence you need to know how to handle and train them. One thing to look out for though, is that my breed is considered to be a furry one so you need to help me have proper grooming all the time. You can make use of the right tools such as combs, brushes, nail clippers and any others to help me look healthy and sharp all the time.

If you are into sports, one of the best breed to accompany you is the Golden Retriever. There’s nothing I love more than running and jogging.



My breed really loves water so if you are a swimmer, you’ll love going with me for a swim.

I have a retrieving instinct so you can toss a ball or we can play a Frisbee!

Folks with special needs can also acquire benefits from my breed. I am taught to become a seeing-eye dog, rescue dog, bomb dog and many others. It’s very easy to train Golden Retrievers. We respond to positive reinforcement such as repetitive praising and treats for well-done jobs :-).

Golden retrievers are not only here to be a companion or a friend, but an addition to your family who knows how to care and love their owners.

                      paws-transp Nina

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