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There are lots of online dog training courses on the web, and today I will be reviewing one of them; The Online Dog Trainer.

Doggy Dan, AKA the online dog trainer, is actually called Dan Abdelnoor. He is a now quite famous for his successful dog training course. This is one of the best dog training you can get, if you are looking for a low-cost alternative to traditional expensive private dog training sessions and classes.

SPCA Recommendation

I’ll start by pointing an interesting fact about the online dog trainer. This dog training course is recommended by both the national and the New-Zealand SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). These organizations pitch this course to shelters because it reduces the likelihood of dog owners returning their dog. I think this speaks volumes, so I thought it was worth pointing out.

Dog Training course Puppy section

Dog Training course Puppy section

The Videos

The course has more than two hundred fifty videos for you to view with a huge range of lessons, like: how to stop your puppy jumping up, stop your dog Pulling On The Leash, potty training puppies, how to stop separation anxiety, how to stop dog aggression or how to become the pack leader to name a few.

The latter is a MUST SEE for every dog owner, and has Dan’s five Golden rules inside which is worth the price of the course in itself.

The video recording quality is great and not like most free stuff you find surfing online. The best thing is that you see Dan working with actual clients, so you can tell by the dog’s behavior how Dan is helping with his positive training methods.

The Voice recordings

If two hundred fifty videos aren’t enough for you, Dan also provides voice recordings that are between 30-60 minutes long for more thorough understanding.

Puppy training

Dan provides a complete guide to training your puppy, and he does so in a very cool way, I’ll tell you about in a second.

The puppy training section has an introduction that lists all of the most common puppy behavioral problems you are going to learn how to deal with.

Learn how to train your puppy

Learn how to train your puppy

The coolest thing about the puppy training program is that Dan filmed a complete video series of him raising his puppy Moses; from the time he was eight weeks of age until he was a year old. You get to see an actual professional dog trainer in action with his own puppy and you can just do the same with your new puppy! Dan calls this “Project Moses”.

Puppy Training Series


Course Structure

When you sign up for the online dog training course, you get access to all the videos through a special members area and a Forum where all of your questions are answered directly by Dan, which is quite nice and better than some of the live classes I’ve seen. When you sign up, you can be assured that if you need a personal dog question answered, you will always get your answer.

The online dog trainer course is very thorough; this is how an explanation page looks like:

The Online Dog Trainer example page

The Online Dog Trainer example page


The dog training program offers a sixty days 100% money back guarantee and you get the chance to sample it with a full 3 day trial with access to all areas within the site for $1. You can check everything in the site, see if it works for you and decide whether you want to complete your dog training with Doggy Dan.

If you decide to remain after the three day trial, you pay 37$ per month.

Summary: You get the chance to have a pro dog trainer whenever you need– and you get to try it out for a buck.

Check it out!

dog training course

Five paws out of five!


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