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Let’s face it- a dog loves to chew on everything. Some are more aggressive chewers than others.


First time dog owners want to make their dog stop chewing but a dog’s chew instinct is hardwired and no training will remove it. The truth is that this dog chewing behavior needs to be redirected instead. Your dog is chewing on everything because he is either a puppy just exploring the world through his mouth or he is anxious or bored. When your puppy starts replacing his baby teeth (dogs 3 to 6 months of age) dog chew toys can help ease the pain. More durable dog toys are required for aggressive chewers.

The most important thing is to provide your dog with means to chew which are appropriate. Start by trying out different types of dog chew toys with a wide range of textures and tastes, and if you’re looking for dog toys for aggressive chewers than nylon and rubber are the better choice.

The Kong obviously is a much known brand that provides great durability and considered amongst the safest chew toys for dogs. Made in the USA of nontoxic extremely durable natural rubber- it’s appeal can be improved by placing a piece of food inside or freezing soup items to make a dog popsicle. This creates the situation where the dog has to work to get a reward- that way your dog gets rewarded for chewing an appropriate item instead of your glasses 🙂 .

NOT a toy for aggressive chewers

NOT a toy for aggressive chewers

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy and The Kong Extreme Ball should do the trick for the aggressive chewers.

With that being said, as a dog owner you still need to watch your dog’s toys because even the most durable toys might be damaged and create problems for your dog.

These are the recommended dog toys for aggressive chewers:

KONG Extreme Dog Toys –The most durable and made in the USA of nontoxic extremely durable natural rubber.

GoughNuts Dog Chew Toy – GoughNuts toys have been designed by mechanical and polymer engineers. They promise that if your pet can chew through the outer layer to the inner red layer, they will replace your toy. They say they made an Indestructible chew toy.

Mammoth TireBiter Rubber Tire Chew Toys –TireBiter is made from real tires, which makes it extremely durable for aggressive chewers.

Ruff Dawg Flavored Rubber Bone Dog Chew Toy – A mint flavored durable solid rubber bone made in the US and is quite popular as well.

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