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There are certainly a lot of crazy gifts for dog lovers out there on the web.

If you’re a crazy dog owner or looking for a cool gift for a dog lover you know, I found some very cool items at

Yeah, some are a bit too much as you will see, but I had to put them here 🙂

Dog Love

Dog wine glasses??? Yep. Things that show love for your dog loving friend or relative.

Custom portraits

There are some very talented dog painters that do custom paintings of your dog for you down there at Etsy.

Custom dog portrait       Custom portraits

Dogs wine glasses

Dogs and wine make life better wine glass!

Dog Wine Glasses


Golden Retriever Puppies Greeting Notecards

Blank on the inside- useful for many occasions.

Golden Retriever Puppies Greeting Notecards


“If Our Dog Doesn’t Like You We Probably Won’t Either” 

Handmade wall hanging for pet lovers made of oak from recycled wood pallets.

If Our Dog Doesn't Like You We Probably Won't Either


Hipster backpack

Very cool Dog print backpack.

Dog print backpack


Dog Houses and Dog Beds

From Teeny Tiny Pet Bed to Storybook Style Carved Dog House, if you’re looking for a very special dog furniture gift for dog lovers these will do the job (to say the least).

Modern dog house

Craftsman-inspired cottage for a pooch looking for comfort. 

Storybook Style Carved Dog House

Storybook Style Carved Dog House


Wooden Dog Crate End Table

An Amish wood dog crate that’s also a stylish end table.

Wooden Dog Crate End Table

Personalized Dog Bed Cover

Handcrafted Furlap Reversible, Flippable Dog Bed Covers.

Personalized Dog Bed Cover


Teeny Tiny Pet Bed

Dog bed made of solid wood and painted white in a satin sheen.

Teeny Tiny Pet Bed


Decor and Play

Christmas Ornaments and dog party hats are part of the respectable list here.

Dog Toy Box

Features a hinged lid which opens for easy toy placement.

Dog Toy Box


Fridge Dog Magnets

This Bull Terrier tries to convince you that “It Wasn’t Me.” But it probably was.

Gifts Refrigerator Fridge Dog Magnets


Labrador Retriever Christmas Ornament glass bulb dog gift

An adorable ornament that would make a great addition to any dog lover’s tree.

Christmas Ornament glass bulb dog gift


Personalized Dog Party Hat

Dog Party Hat


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