Aging in Dogs


Hi. Last time I wrote what to do if you find a lost dog. This week, I’ll deal with a related topic- Aging in dogs.

So this short article is going to discuss the topic and cover the most important things to know.

When your dog gets older his normal functioning may deteriorate; memory, awareness eyesight and hearing are the main areas that suffer.

You might find that aging in dogs make him (or her) confused, and create troubles navigating- your dog can actually walk into thing.

Aging in dogs can either increase their activity level, or decrease it.

Dog aging can make your dog forget habits like house training and bladder control, or other previously common habits. Your dog might bark more, walk around aimlessly or generally be weird. Apathetic Responses to things or lack of excitement are not uncommon as well.

On the other hand aging in dogs can create higher levels of anxiety- older dogs can exhibit aggressive behavior and require attention until they stop barking. Some dogs may become more intrusive, while others may show less interest in affection, interaction, or petting.

Other typical problems with aging in dogs are memory related like problems recognizing familiar people or responding less to known commands for obedience and known games.

Lastly, another symptom that may arise is a reversed day-night schedule. Your dog may wake up at night and sleep during the day.

The best thing to do when you spot signs of aging with your dog is to talk to your veterinarian– many problems are treatable with a variety of therapies that can help your dog and reduce symptoms.

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