Hey! Nice to meet you!

My Name is Nina and I’m the Dog of .

I’m a Golden Retriever which is the most awesomest dog breed there is or ever will be.

I was born with a heart problem and no one wanted to take me home because of my expensive medical care, until I met my owner. We fell in love at first sight and have been together ever since. We have a great relationship and do all sorts of fun activities I’ll tell you about in my dog posts.


My main hobbies are: licking, watching TV, fetching balls (or lemons! I love lemons!!), sleeping on my special mat and running after birds and squirrels.

I spend the majority of my time doing the things I love, which is something I think everyone should do.

I write for your (and my own) amusement, so I hope I’ll amuse you in writing like I do in real life.

And if we paws for just one second- between all my crazy pictures and laughs, you will find valuable information that I hope could be of use for the relationship between you and your dog.

See you soon,

               paws-transp Nina

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