5 Tips for good dog health


Hi. Last time I wrote how to pick the best dog food for your dog. This week, I’ll deal with a related topic- your Dog’s health.

Your dog is your best friend- he is faithful, loving and forgiving. So, it is normal that you want to keep him healthy and happy for as long as you can. Here are five 5 dog health tips that can help you take care of your  dog’s health and happiness.

1. Make sure that your dog gets the right food

Your pet’s diet  is the key to dog health. Everything that he eats will affect him; from his weight, to his teeth, to the health of his fur, and the sparkle of his eyes. The food not only affects your dog’s health, but it also affects his mood. You must feed your dog with nutritious, well balanced food that is easily digested. Raw food diets are unbelievably nutritious and well suited for all dogs. On the other hand, if you do decide to feed your dog with the commercial pet food, you should choose the brands that are transparent about the used ingredients and avoid preservatives. If your pet’s food can last longer than you or your dog, then it’s not good for dog health.

2. Keep your dog active

Exercise is very important for dog health. Together with his food, these two things are the key factors for the his health, as well as for his happiness. Needles to say that regular walks are excellent for your health as well. So what are you waiting for, take the leash and take your dog out for a walk!

3. Visit the vet regularly

No one likes to go to the doctor, especially when they have to visit the dentist, or in the dog’s case, the vet. But, it’s very important that you’re taking your dog to the vet regularly, so that he can check your dog’s health. You must have in mind that you need to start doing this when your dog is still a puppy, so that it can get used to being “poked” by the vet.

4. Learn to speak your dog’s language

Understanding your dog and her particular needs is very important for dog health. Every breed and age of dogs have different needs. Since your dog, unlike me, can’t speak and tell you when something’s wrong, it’s important to notice if something in their behavior and physicality changes. When your dog becomes old, he may need your help with simple things like going up or down the stairs. When this happens, you have to assist him and make his life less painful, and also observe the changes and react.

 5. Train your dog’s brain

Even though your dog will never be able to solve the crossword or play chess with you, unlike me, it’s quite important for the dog’s happiness as well as for dog health, to receive mental stimulation. Different dog breeds and ages need different things; some breeds are more capable of solving simple puzzles and playing certain games, while other breeds are good with simple tricks and commands. Regardless of the breed, regularly engaging in new and different activities of this kind, will help keep your dog’s mind agile and alert, thus the overall dog health will be better.

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